As part of Istanbul Technical University's 250th Anniversary Events, the 3rd International Materials Technology and Metallurgy Conference (MTM 2023), supported by TMMOB Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers Education Center (METEM), took place from October 11 to 13, 2023, at ITU Ayazağa Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, with the participation of numerous expert academicians in the field.

In the opening session of the conference, attended by academicians, industry representatives, and students, our Deputy Rector, Prof. Dr. Lütfiye Durak Ata, emphasized the importance of sustainability in materials science and the efficient use of materials.  She stated, "In recent years, Istanbul Technical University has placed significant emphasis on sustainability, with a particular focus on the efficient utilization of materials and the field of material science. Sustainability, similar to numerous other contemporary global concerns, occupies a prominent position within the fields of metallurgy and materials science. In the near future, the efficient and transformable use of materials will be a top priority on the engineering agenda.”

During the three-day congress, which featured expert academicians presenting papers on advanced ceramics and composites, biomaterials, drug delivery systems, metallurgy, nanomaterials, energy materials, recycling and sustainability, electronics, magnetic and optical materials, computational modeling, traditional clay-based ceramics, and additive manufacturing, the stands offering the opportunity to observe technical developments in the field of metallurgy and materials science were a center of attention for the visitors.