Our faculty members from the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and Food Engineering were entitled to receive support for their following Priority Field Research Projects (YAP) within the scope of our University's 2022 Scientific Research Projects.

Prof.Dr. Hanzade AÇMA, “Production of Hierarchical Porous Carbonaceous Structures from Waste Lignocellulosic Biomass that can be used as Electrode Materials in Supercapacitors”. Project Research Group: Prof. Dr. Serdar YAMAN, Doç. Dr. Nil ÖZBEK, Prof. Dr. Berk ÜSTÜNDAĞ (Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering) and Graduate Students

Doç. Dr. Reza NOFAR, “Development of PLA, PBAT and PLA/PBAT nanocomposites using chemically modified cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) structures”. Project Research Group: Dr. Yonca Alkan GÖKSU, Dr. Aylin BEKEM, Araş. Gör. Burcu ÖZDEMİR, Metalurgical and Materials. Eng. Fevzican DURMUŞ and Graduate Students

Prof. Dr. Esra ÇAPANOĞLU GÜVEN, “Increasing the Bioavailability of Bioactive Components in Bee Products Using Different Encapsulation Techniques and Obtaining Functional Product”. Project Research Group: Dr. Gülay ÖZKAN and Graduate Students

We congratulate our faculty members and working groups and wish them continued success.