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To be the 6th faculty established in the history of ITU, our faculty aims to make scientific and applied research in the fields of chemistry, metallurgy, food and bioengineering fields by pursuing developments in the tomorrow’s key technologies and interdisciplinary engineering opportunities to become a center of advanced solutions in national and international levels.

Our Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Food Engineering undergraduate programs are accredited by ABET (EAC).


New Generation, High-Performance Steel Products for Automotive Industry Produced By National Molten Salt-Boron Diffusion Technology Project

by Sezgin Sarışen | Jul 19, 2023
The project, carried out by our Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Güldem Kartal Şireli in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, aimed to improve the characteristics of steel parts used in the automotive sector. To achieve this, an electrochemical-based boronizing method (KRTD-Bor: Cathodic-Reduction Thermal-Diffusion based Boronizing method) developed by the project team was utilized.
The patented KRTD-Bor method used in the project is a boron diffusion technique that is faster (at least 10 times shorter processing time, with an average processing time of 1 hour) and utilizes domestically produced oxide-based boron compounds. It is a low-cost method with no emission of toxic gases, making it environmentally friendly compared to traditional boronizing methods. As part of the project, the second-largest 100 kg capacity molten salt system in Turkey was established.