The project “Development of a plant-based fermented hazelnut-based product and determination of impact of fermentation on quality, allergenicity and bioactive properties” led by Prof. Meral Kılıç Akyılmaz, a faculty member of our Faculty’s Food Engineering Department, was qualified for support by TUBITAK 2519-COST Working Group Support Program in the first term of 2023. Project group includes Assoc. Prof. Fatih Ortakcı, Assis. Prof. Gülay Özkan and Res. Assis. Erenay Erem as investigators. In the project, a new functional product will be developed from hazelnuts within the scope of plant-based foods. The project will contribute to diversifying products manufactured from hazelnut of which our country ranks as the first producer in the world.

We congratulate our faculty member and her team and wish them continued success.