Our faculty members from the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and Food Engineering were entitled to receive support for their following Priority Field Research Projects (YAP) within the scope of our University's 2023 Scientific Research Projects.

Doç. Dr. Duygu AĞAOĞULLARI, “New generation material technologies in the automotive industry: High entropy metal diboride (Ti0.2Hf0.2Zr0.2Ta0.2(Nb/V)0.2)B2 particle reinforced Al-17Si-xMg-yZn-zCu (x, y, z)”

Prof. Dr. Filiz ALTAY, “Dura mater patch production by electrospinning method, its characterization and functionalization with anticancer compounds”

Doç. Dr. Derya KAHVECİ KARINCAOĞLU, “Extraction of protein from agricultural waste and determination of its health effects”

Prof. Dr. Özgül KELEŞ, “Development of a new generation-cobalt-free nickel manganese aluminum (nma) cathode material and self-healing binder for lithium-ion batteries”

Prof. Dr. Beraat ÖZÇELİK, “Application of 3D printing technologies for the production of antioxidant and nutritional supplements from various local plants by supercritical extraction and their use in the production of functional vegetable red meat analogs with enhanced protein bioavailability”

Prof. Dr. Ömer ŞAHİN, “Research, development and production of innovative composite materials for shielding ionizing radiation in medicine and industry in nuclear reactor technology”

We congratulate our faculty members and working groups and wish them continued success.