Recent Publications* in Chemical Engineering Department:

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Şahin, Ö., & Horoz, S. (2022). Investigation of the properties of Cr-doped CdZnS nanocrystals with the best IPCE (%) value. Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society58(5), 1709-1714.

Batur, E., Şahin, Ö., Baytar, O., Horoz, S., & Kutluay, S. (2022). High solar cell efficiency of lanthanum-alloyed activated carbon–supported cadmium sulfide as a promising semiconductor nanomaterial. Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 1-10.

Ekinci, A., Kutluay, S., Şahin, Ö., & Baytar, O. (2022). Green synthesis of copper oxide and manganese oxide nanoparticles from watermelon seed shell extract for enhanced photocatalytic reduction of methylene blue. International Journal of Phytoremediation, 1-10.

Dolas, H., Yıldız, H., & Sahin, Ö. (2022). Atık Biyokütleden (Acı Kırmızı Biber Sapları) Üretilen Aktif Karbonun Yüzey-Gözenek Yapısına Mikrodalga Yönteminin Etkisi. Euroasia Journal of Mathematics, Engineering, Natural & Medical Sciences9(22), 22-30.

Batur, E., Baytar, O., Horoz, S., Şahin, Ö., & Kutluay, S. (2022). Enhancement in incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency of manganese-decorated activated carbon-supported cadmium sulfide nanocomposite. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics33(20), 16286-16296.

Salih Keskin, M., Şahin, Ö., & Horoz, S. (2022). Efficiency of TiO2-supported Ni-Mo-Ru–B catalyst for hydrogen production from potassium borohydride hydrolysis. Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 1-7.

Yildiz, H., Gülşen, H., Şahin, Ö., Baytar, O., & Kutluay, S., (2022). Synthesis and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Waste Biomass (Tobacco Stalk) by Microwave Assisted Impregnation Method. Harran University Journal of Engineering, vol.7, no.1, 1-14.

Keskin, M. S., Ağırtaş, M. S., Baytar, O., Izgi, M. S., Şahin, Ö., & Horoz, S., (2022). High hydrogen production rate from potassium borohydride hydrolysis with an efficient catalyst: CNT@Ru(0). Desalination and Water Treatment, vol.250, 189-196.

Şahin, Ö., Akdag, A., Horoz, S., & Ekinci, A., (2022). Physical and Electrochemical Effect of Bimetallic Pd-Mo Nanoalloys Supported on Vulcan XC-72R Carbon as Cathode Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. Electrocatalysis.

Batur, E., Kutluay, S., Baytar, O., Şahin, Ö., & Horoz, S., (2022). Superior incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency of Mo-doped activated carbon supported CdS-sensitized solar cells. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Ece, M. S., & Kutluay, S., (2022). Comparative and competitive adsorption of gaseous toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene onto natural cellulose-modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, vol.10, no.2.

Batur, E., & Kutluay, S., (2022). Dynamic adsorption behavior of benzene, toluene, and xylene VOCs in single- and multi-component systems by activated carbon derived from defatted black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) biowaste. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, vol.10, no.3.

Tatlıer, M., Oral, Ç., Bayrak, A., Maraş, T., & Erdem, A., (2022). Impact of ion exchange on zeolite hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity monitored by water capacity using thermal analysis. Thermochimica Acta, vol.713.

Maraş, T., Tatlıer, M., & Erdem, A., (2022). Desorption kinetics of thick zeolite coatings prepared by induction heating for adsorption heat pump applications. Journal of Porous Materials, vol.29, no.4, 1225-1238.

Kocaaga, B., Kurkcuoglu, O., Tatlier, M., Dinler-Doganay, G., Batirel, S., & Guner, F. S., (2022). Pectin-Zeolite-Based Wound Dressings with Controlled Albumin Release. Polymers, vol.14, no.3.

Dagli, Z., Atalay-Oral, C., & Tatlier, M. (2022). Effects of using substrate heating method for the preparation of zeolite coatings containing faujasite. Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 1-9.

Dagli, Z., Oral, Ç., Tasdelen-Yucedag, C., & Tatlıer, M., (2022). How may preferential heating of the substrate aid template-free preparation of EMT zeolite and its coatings?. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol.337.

Tatlier, M., & Atalay-Oral, C. (2022). Selection of a favorable zeolite for solar adsorption cooling: How straightforward is it?. Chemical Engineering Communications, 1-10.

Kocaaga, B., Güner, F. S., & Kurkcuoglu, O., (2022). Molecular dynamics simulations can predict the optimum drug loading amount in pectin hydrogels for controlled release. Materials Today Communications, vol.31.

Yuce, M., Sarica, Z., Ates, B., & Kurkcuoglu, O. (2022). Exploring species-specific inhibitors with multiple target sites on S. aureus pyruvate kinase using a computational workflow. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 1-15.

Celebi, M., Inan, T., Kurkcuoglu, O., & Akten, E. D., (2022). Potential allosteric sites captured in glycolytic enzymes via residue-based network models: Phosphofructokinase, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and pyruvate kinase. Biophysical Chemistry, vol.280.

HaykiriAcma, H., & Yaman, S. (2022). Treating lignocellulosic biomass with dilute solutions at ambient temperature: Effects on cellulose crystallinity. Biomass Convers. Biorefin.

Haykiri-Acma, H., & Yaman, S. (2022). Effects of torrefaction after pelleting (TAP) process on strength and fuel characteristics of binderless bio-pellets. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-12.

Aydemir, S. O., Haykiri-Acma, H., & Yaman, S. (2022). Evaluation of synergy between lignite and carbonized biomass during co-combustion. Journal of Energy Resources Technology144(5), 052302.

Sözer, M., Haykiri-Acma, H., & Yaman, S. (2022). Prediction of calorific value of coal by multilinear regression and analysis of variance. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 144(1).

Girginer Ozunlu, B., & Guner, F. S. (2022). An Industrial Case for Polypropylene Nanocomposite Foams: Lightweight, Soundproof Exterior Automotive Parts. Polymers, 14(6), 1192.

Akinciturk, T., & Kaymak, D. B. (2022). Design and control of an energy-efficient triple-column pressure swing distillation configuration for separation of acetone-methanol-hexane mixture. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 160, 107731.

Varyemez, H. S., & Kaymak, D. B. (2022). Effect of operating pressure on design of extractive distillation process separating DMC-MeOH azeotropic mixture. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 177, 108-116.

Turan, C. U., & Guvenilir, Y. (2022). Electrospun poly (ω-pentadecalactone-co-ε-caprolactone)/gelatin/chitosan ternary nanofibers with antibacterial activity for treatment of skin infections. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 170, 106113.

Kaptan, Y., & Güvenilir, Y. (2022). Enzymatic PCL-grafting to NH2-end grouped silica and development of microspheres for pH-stimulated release of a hydrophobic model drug. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 181, 60-78.

Kaptan, Y., & Güvenilir, Y. (2022). Polycaprolactone/epoxide-functionalized silica composite microparticles for long-term controlled release of trans-chalcone. Journal of Polymer Engineering.

Turan, A. Z., Ataç, Ö., Kurucu, O. A., Ersöz, A., Sarıoğlan, A., & Okutan, H. (2022). Kinetic modeling of Fischer–Tropsch‐to‐olefins process via advanced optimization. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 54(1), 3-15.

Güzel, E., Aydın, A. A., & Okutan, H. (2022). Investigation of eight target metals in solid residues of industrial waste gasification in a downdraft gasifier. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 19(3), 1729-1737.

Güvensoy-Morkoyun, A., Velioğlu, S., Ahunbay, M. G., & Tantekin-Ersolmaz, S. B. (2022). Desalination Potential of Aquaporin-Inspired Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes: Bridging Between Simulation and Experiment. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Bulut, B., İşbilen, E., Atakül, H., & Tantekin-Ersolmaz, Ş. B. (2022). Adsorptive removal of dimethyl disulfide and thiophene from liquefied petroleum gas by zeolite-based adsorbents. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials337, 111924.

Bulutcu, A. N., & Baloglu, H. (2022). Eutectic Temperature, Density, and Solubility of H3BO3–H2O, Na2B4O7–H2O, and NaBO2–H2O Binary Systems. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 67(9), 2149-2159.

Hayri-Senel, T., Yazgan-Birgi, P., Bildik, F., & Erciyes, A. T. (2022). The use of poly (styrene-co-chloromethyl styrene) in the modification of triglyceride oils. Journal of Coatings Technology and Research19(5), 1583-1593.

Yerli-Soylu, N., Akturk, A., Kabak, Ö., Erol-Taygun, M., Karbancioglu-Guler, F., & Küçükbayrak, S. (2022). TiO2 nanocomposite ceramics doped with silver nanoparticles for the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli. Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 101175.

Saloglu, D., Dertli, H., Mohammadi, M., & Mohammadi, M. Emission rates, ALOHA simulation and Box-Behnken design of accidental releases in butyl acrylate tank-case study. Production Engineering Archives28(4), 346-358.

Demir, B., Tüter, M., & Özkara-Aydınoğlu, Ş. (2022). Photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes under visible light on sol-gel derived M/ZnO (M= Cr, Mn, Sn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Co, Ba) catalysts. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 1-12.

Kızılpelit, B. G., Karaosmanoğlu, F., & Özkara-Aydınoğlu, Ş. (2022). A thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of hydrogen and synthesis gas production from steam reforming of acetic acid and acetone blends as bio-oil model compounds. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47(94), 39758-39770.

Isler-Kaya, A., & Karaosmanoglu, F. (2022). Life cycle assessment of safflower and sugar beet molasses-based biofuels. Renewable Energy201, 1127-1138.

Onen, M. F., Aydin, N. E., Eksik, O., Demircivi, P., & Saygili, G. N. (2022). Synthesis of graphene oxide for boron removal: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.

Gur, G. G., & Atik, Ö. (2022). Effect of promoter type and synthesis method on catalytic performance of Fe-Mn based FT-olefin catalysts. Turkish Journal of Chemistry46(4), 941-955.

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Alarçin, Emine, Burçin İzbudak, Elif Yüce Erarslan, Sherif Domingo, Rumeysa Tutar, Kariman Titi, Banu Kocaaga, F. Seniha Guner, and Ayça Bal‐Öztürk. "Optimization of methacrylated gelatin/layered double hydroxides nanocomposite cell‐laden hydrogel bioinks with high printability for 3D extrusion bioprinting." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A (2022).