The project, “Development and characterization of a smart packaging for in-situ authentication of saffron based on nanosensor-decorated electrospun nanofibers (DECHASPAS)” led by Prof. Dr. Esra Çapanoğlu Güven, a faculty member of Food Engineering Department, was qualified for TUBITAK Iran-Türkiye Bilateral Cooperation Support.

Project Research Group: Dr. Celale Kırkın Gözükırmızı, Dr. Merve Tomas

A new approach for detection of the originality and freshness of saffron will be developed. This study will be the first study to design a nanosensor based on electrospun nanofibers for colorimetric authentication of saffron. The aptamer molecules that have the ability to bind safranal will also be identified for the first time.

This project will help combat food fraud, decrease food losses, increase the demand and production of saffron.

We congratulate our faculty member and her working group and wish them continued success.