Recent Publications in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department:

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Akçamlı, N., Şenyurt, B., Gökçe, H.,  & Ağaoğulları, D., (2022). Powder metallurgical fabrication of graphene reinforced near-eutectic Al-Si matrix composites: Microstructural, mechanical and electrochemical characterization.  Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, vol.31.               

Akın Karadayı, İ., Ocak, B. C. , Akarsu, M. K. , Yücel, O., Şahin, F.,  & Göller, G., (2022). Comparative investigation of the properties of graphene nanoplatelet reinforced titanium diboride and niobium diboride ceramics.  International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials , vol.103.     

Akyol Voss, S., Canci Matur, U., Çimenoğlu, H.,  & Baydoğan, N., (2022). Effect of electron beam improved dielectric function on optical properties of sol-gel derived CuIn1-XGaXSe2 thin-film.  Optical Materials, vol.134.               

Alanalp, M. B. , Özdemir, B., Nofar, M.,  & DURMUŞ, A., (2022). Isothermal and non-isothermal cold crystallization kinetics of polylactide/cellulose nanocrystal (PLA/CNC) nanocomposites.  JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY.   

Arslan, M., Coşkun, O. K. , Karimzadehkhoei, M., Kartal Şireli, G.,  & Timur, S., (2022). Evaluation of pulse current integrated CRTD-Bor for boron diffusion in low carbon steel.  MATERIALS LETTERS , vol.308.             

Arslan, M., Karimzadehkhoei, M., Kartal Şireli, G., Coskun, O. K. , Sert, M.,  & Timur, S., (2022). Investigating Growth of Iron Borides with the Formation of Monolithic Fe2B Layer on AISI 304 Stainless Steel via Cathodic Reduction and Thermal Diffusion-Based Boriding.  JOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE , vol.31, no.4, 3274-3286.               

Arslan, C., Gürmen, S., Arslan, F.,  & Elçin, G. A. O. , (2022). Lab-scale chromium electrowinning in a diaphragm-type cell: effect of anode material and the head between the catholyte and anolyte levels (Δh).  SCIREA Journal of Metallurgical Engineering , vol.5, no.1, 1-14.               

Arslan, M., Ok, A. C. , Kartal Şireli, G.,  & Timur, S., (2022). Investigation on structural and tribological properties of borided gear steel after phase homogenization.  SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY , vol.429.               

Atalay, A. S. , Derin, B.,  & Khanghah, M. F. , (2022). First-principles investigation of optical properties of AlFe(2-x)MxB2 (x = 0-1), (M = Cr, V) intermetallic compounds.  COMPUTATIONAL CONDENSED MATTER , vol.32.               

Aydogan, D. T. , Muhaffel, F.,  & Çimenoğlu, H., (2022). Effect of the Hydrothermal Treatment on the Microstructural Characteristics and Bioactivity of the Ag Incorporated MAO Coatings Fabricated on Ti6Al7Nb Alloy.  Surface Innovations , vol.10, 252-262. 

Aydogan, F., Dizdar, K. C. , Sahin, H., Mentese, E.,  & Dışpınar, D., (2022). Weibull analysis evaluation of Ti, B, Nb and MTS grain refined Al11Si alloy.  MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS , vol.287.

Azimi, H., Jahani, D., Aghamohammadi, S.,  & Nofar, M., (2022). Experimental and numerical investigation of bubble nucleation and growth in supercritical CO2-blown poly(vinyl alcohol).  KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING , vol.39, no.8, 2252-2262.                

Baslayici, S., Bugdayci, M., Benzeşik, K., Yücel, O.,  & Açma, M. E. , (2022). Corrosion behavior of hydroxyapatite coated AZ31 and AZ91 Mg alloys by electrostatic spray coating.  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH , vol.113, no.2, 93-100.  

Baştürkcü, E., Şavran, C., Yüce, A. E. ,  & Timur, S. İ. , (2022). Revealing the effects of mechanical attrition applied on Eskisehir-Beylikova REE ore utilizing MLA.  Minerals Engineering , vol.186.               

Benzeşik, K., Turan, A., Sonmez, S., Teresa Izquierdo, M.,  & Yücel, O., (2022). Solution combustion synthesis derived Li4SiO4 for post-combustion carbon capture.  SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY .               

Bhowmick, S., Muhaffel, F., Eskandari, B., Çimenoğlu, H.,  & Alpas, A. T. , (2022). Low Friction and High Wear Resistance of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO)-Coated AZ31 Mg Alloy Sliding against Hydrogenated DLC (a-C-H) at Elevated Temperatures.  COATINGS, vol.12, no.5.   

Cetinbag, A., Ormanci, O.,  & Göller, G., (2022). Production of B4C reinforced TZM alloy and boriding its surface in one step by spark plasma sintering (SPS).  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REFRACTORY METALS & HARD MATERIALS , vol.106.               

Çetiner, D., Gül Karagüler, N., Çimenoğlu, H.,  & ATAR, E., (2022). Characteristics of silver-containing titanium- based coating after thermal oxidation.  SURFACE INNOVATIONS , vol.10, no.2, 140-149.               

Celik, A., Tekoglu, E., YASA, E.,  & Sönmez, M. Ş. , (2022). Contact-Free Support Structures for the Direct Metal Laser Melting Process.  MATERIALS , vol.15, no.11.     

Çelik, F. N., Tekoğlu, E., Mertdinç, S., Gökçe, H., Öveçoğlu, M. L.,  & Ağaoğulları, D., (2022). Mechanochemical synthesis investigations on the ternary and quaternary B2O3/TiO2/Mg/C systems.  Solid State Sciences , vol.128.   

Celtik, C., Yurekturk, Y., GECÜ, R., Kaboglu, C.,  & Muhaffel, F., (2022). Surface characteristics of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on Cp-Ti and hot-dip aluminised Cp-Ti.  TRANSACTIONS OF THE INSTITUTE OF METAL FINISHING , vol.100, 159-165.   

ÇETİNER, B. N. , Yegul, E. U. , Zeytuncu Gökoğlu, B.,  & AKTAŞ, S., (2022). Palladium recovery from spent Pd plating solutions using Lewatit TP 214 resin. DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT, vol.253, 211-222. 

Chung, H., Stopic, S., Emil-Kaya, E., Gürmen, S.,  & Friedrich, B., (2022). Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Spent NdFeB-Magnets: Separation of Iron through Reductive Smelting of the Oxidized Material (Second Part).  METALS , vol.12, no.10.      

Çınar Şahin, F., Mansoor, M., Cengiz, M., Apak, B., Yanmaz, L., Balazsi, K.,  ... Fogarassy, Z. (2022). B4C Composites with a TiB2-C Core-Shell Microstructure Produced by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis-Assisted Spark Plasma Sintering.  Journal of Physical Chemistry

Coban, C., BUĞDAYCI, O., Açma, M. E. , (2022). Production of B4C-TiB2 composite powder by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis.  JOURNAL OF THE AUSTRALIAN CERAMIC SOCIETY , vol.58, no.3, 777-791.               

Coskun, M., Dizdar, K. C. , Tarakci, G., Ozer, G.,  & Dışpınar, D., (2022). Recycling of additive manufactured AlSi10Mg and its effect on mechanical properties.  MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS , vol.289.               

Dizdar, K. C. , Şahin, H., Tezer, F.,  & Dışpınar, D., (2022). Characterization of Casting Properties of Rare Earth Modified A356.   Aluminium Alloys (pp.71-86), London: IntechOpen.  

Emil-Kaya, E., Stopic, S., Gürmen, S.,  & Friedrich, B., (2022). Production of rare earth element oxide powders by solution combustion: a new approach for recycling of NdFeB magnets.  RSC ADVANCES , vol.12, no.48, 31478-31488.               

Eraslan, K., Aversa, C., Nofar, M., Barletta, M., Gisario, A., Salehiyan, R.,  ... Alkan Göksu, Y.(2022). Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBH): Synthesis properties, and applications- A review ,.  EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL , vol.167.

Ghanbari, A., Jalali, A., Nofar, M., Al Mamun, A. M. ,  & Arjmand, M., (2022). Extrinsic toughening of recycled carbon fibers in polypropylene composites in the absence of plasticity penalty.  JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS , vol.56, no.6, 941-950.               

Gülcan, M. F. , Karahan, B. D. ,  & Gürmen, S., (2022). Porous, columnar shaped iron rich oxide synthesis for lithium-ion batteries from metallurgical grade, domestic, high carbon ferro-chromium alloys.  Journal of Alloys and Compounds , vol.922.               

Ibrahim, M. K. , Kaba, M., Muhaffel, F., Ağaoğulları, D.,  & Çimenoğlu, H., (2022). of a porous Ti-23Nb alloy for wear related biomedical applications: Effect of oxidation duration. SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY , vol.439.     

Jagirani, M. S. , Balouch, A., Alveroğlu Durucu, E., Mahesar, S. A. , Zeytuncu Gökoğlu, B., Abdullah, A.,  ... Khaskhali, A. R. (2022). Fabrication of Cobalt tagged smart ion-imprinted polymeric material applied for the elimination of Co2+ ions from real environmental samples.  POLYMER BULLETIN , vol.79, no.11, 10135-10153.               

Jalali, A., Zhang, R., Rahmati, R., Nofar, M., Sain, M.,  & Park, C. B. , (2022). Recent progress and perspective in additive manufacturing of EMI shielding functional polymer nanocomposites.  NANO RESEARCH .          

Kaba, M., Altay, M., Akyildiz, E., Muhaffel, F., Ozkurt, S., Atar, E.,  ... Baydoğan, M.(2022). Surface degradation of nitrided hot work tool steels under repeated impact-sliding contacts: Effect of compound layer.  Wear , vol.498-499.

Kaftelen-Odabasi, H., ODABAŞI, A., ozdemir, M.,  & Baydoğan, M., (2022). A study on graphene reinforced carbon fiber epoxy composites: Investigation of electrical, flexural, and dynamic mechanical properties.  POLYMER COMPOSITES .               

Kahraman, Y., Özdemir, B., Gumus, B. E. ,  & Nofar, M., (2022). Morphological, rheological, and mechanical properties of PLA/TPU/nanoclay blends compatibilized with epoxy-based Joncryl chain extender.  COLLOID AND POLYMER SCIENCE .               

Kahraman, Y., Alkan Göksu, Y., Özdemir, B., GÜMÜŞ, B.,  & Nofar, M., (2022). Composition design of PLA/TPU emulsion blends compatibilized with multifunctional epoxy-based chain extender to tackle high impact resistant ductile structures.  JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE , vol.139, no.12.               

Kalkan, I. H. , Vardar, O., Hizli, İ. G. ,  & Dispinar, D., (2022). Influence of Melt Quality on Machinability of HPDC Al9Si3Cu.  JOM , vol.74, no.9, 3214-3220.

Kaplan Akarsu, M., Akın Karadayı, İ., Şahin, F.,  & Göller, G., (2022). Comparative study of reactive and nonreactive spark plasma sintering routes for the production of TaB2-TaC composites. 

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY , vol.19, no.1, 332-343.                

Kavak, S., Bayrak, K. G. , Bellek, M., Mertdinç, S., Muhaffel, F., Gökçe, H.,  ... Ayas, E.(2022). Synthesis and characterization of (HfMoTiWZr)C high entropy carbide ceramics.  CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL , vol.48, no.6, 7695-7705.                                      

Kaya, F. et al. , "Influence of Co content on microstructure and hardness of AlCoxCrFeNi (0 <= x <= 1) high-entropy alloys produced by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis,"  ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL-JESTECH , vol.27, 2022  

Keskin, B., Bassani, P., BAKAN, F., SEZEN, M.,  & Derin, B., (2022). Synthesis and Microstructure Investigation of Ni40Ti50Cu10 Intermetallic Shape Memory Alloys by Self-Propagating Combustion Method.  TRANSACTIONS OF THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF METALS , vol.75, no.11, 2749-2758.               

Khoshsima, S., Mertdinç Ülküseven, S., Motallebzadeh, A., Altintas, Z., Ağaoğulları, D.,  & Balci-Cagiran, O., (2022). Enhanced hardness and wear resistance of Al-based hybrid MMCs by using of composite metal boride reinforcement particles.  MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS , vol.288

Kırbıyık, F., Gok, M. G. ,  & Göller, G., (2022). Application of thermal gradient and thermal cycling tests to Al2O3/CYSZ functionally graded TBC in the presence of simultaneous hot corrosion and CMAS effects.  SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY , vol.444.   

Kondakci, E.,  & Solak, N., (2022). Enhanced thermal conductivity and long-term stability of diamond/aluminum composites using SiC-coated diamond particles.  JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, vol.57, no.5, 3430-3440.               

Kucukelyas, B., Safaltın, Ş., Sam, E. D. ,  & Gürmen, S., (2022). Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterization of spherical high entropy alloy CoCuFeNi particles by hydrogen reduction assisted ultrasonic spray pyrolysis.  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH , vol.113, 306-315.               

Maj, Ł., Wojtas, D., Jarzębska, A., Bieda, M., Trembecka-Wójciga, K., Chulist, R.,  ... Kozioł, W.(2022). Titania coating formation on hydrostatically extruded pure titanium by micro-arc oxidation method.  Journal of Materials Science and Technology, vol.111, 224-235.

Mansoor, M., Mansoor, M., Mansoor, M., Aksoy, A., Seyhan, S. N. , Yildirim, B.,  ... Tahiri, A.(2022). Ab-initio calculation of point defect equilibria during heat treatment: Nitrogen, hydrogen, and silicon doped diamond.  DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS , vol.126.               

Mertdinç Ülküseven, S., Savaci, U., Onbasli, K., Balci-Cagiran, O., Acar, H. Y. , Öveçoğlu, M. L. ,  ... Ağaoğulları, D.(2022). In-situ synthesis of graphene encapsulated Fe/Fe2O3 nanoparticles for possible biomedical applications.  JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-JMR&T , vol.20, 2558-2577.               

Mohamed, N., Örnek, C., Timur, S.,  & Uergen, M., (2022). Anodic behavior of nickel in sub-molten KOH and its relevance for the production of electroactive nickel oxides.  SURFACES AND INTERFACES , vol.31.               

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Pricop, B., Grigoras, M., Borza, F., Özkal, B.,  & Bujoreanu, L., (2022). On the Possible Cause of Sudden Storage Modulus Increase during the Heating of PM FeMnSiCrNi SMAs.  NANOMATERIALS , vol.12, no.14.               

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