Aysa Güvensoy Morkoyun, Research Assistant at the Chemical Engineering Department of our faculty, was qualified to attend the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting from our country, which brings together young scientists with Nobel Prize-winning scientists. At the meeting to be held in Lindau, Germany between 26 June-1 July 2022; Nobel Prize-winning scientists from different fields, especially physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, came together with 611 young researchers selected by the jury of international academicians from more than 100 countries of the world will share their experiences with young researchers on various platforms such as lectures, panels and seminars. Young researchers selected from our country can participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate (https://www.lindau-nobel.org/) meeting, which has been held since 1951, with the support of the Support Program for Participation in Scientific Activities Abroad within the Framework of BIDEB 2224-C International Agreements.

We congratulate our research assistant and wish her continued success.