ITU Faculty of Chemical Metallurgical Engineering

To be the 6th faculty established in the history of ITU, our faculty aims to make scientific and applied research in the fields of chemistry, metallurgy, food and bioengineering fields by pursuing developments in the tomorrow’s key technologies and interdisciplinary engineering opportunities to become a center of advanced solutions in national and international levels.

Our Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Food Engineering undergraduate programs are accredited by ABET (EAC).


Seminar on "Catalytic Materials Meet Artificial Intelligence"

by Sezgin Sarışen | Jun 23, 2022
Prof. Dr. Selim Şenkan, one of the consultants of İTÜ-SENTEK, gave a seminar on “Catalytic Materials Meet Artificial Intelligence”

Prof. Dr. Selim Şenkan, one of the consultants of ITU Synthetic Fuels & Chemicals Technology Center and a faculty member of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), gave a seminar titled “Catalytic Materials Meet Artificial Intelligence” on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 15:30. We thank everyone who attended the seminar and showed interest in it.