Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Labs.

Pyrometallurgy Laboratory

Hydrometallurgy Laboratory

Electrometallurgy Laboratory

Heat Treatment Laboratory

Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory

Casting Hall

Tribology Laboratory

Thermodynamic-Kinetic Research and Iron and Steel Laboratory

Hardness Measurement Laboratory

Optical Microscope Laboratory

Metallography Laboratory

Instron Universal Testing Instrument Laboratory

Solidification Laboratory

Battery Laboratory

Precision Casting Laboratory

Iron and Steel Characterization Laboratory

Industrial Tests Laboratory

Sample Preparation Laboratory

Electrochemical - Thermochemical Diffusion Lab.

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

X-Ray Laboratory

Phase Diagrams Laboratory

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

Composite Laboratory

Undamaged Inspection Laboratory

High Technology Ceramic and Metal Powder Production Laboratory

High Technology Ceramic and Composite Process Laboratory

Pres Laboratory

Polymeric Materials Characterization Laboratory

Sintering Laboratory

Phase Analysis Laboratory

Particle and Ceramic Materials Characterization Laboratory

Process Laboratory

Metallic Powder Production and CVD Laboratory

Biomaterials Research and Characterization Laboratory

Gas Under Sinter Laboratory

Electrocution Laboratories

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Soymetal Laboratory

Environmental Metallurgy Laboratory

Polymeric Materials Preparation Laboratory

Characterization Laboratory

Optical Characterization Laboratory

ICP Laboratory

Titanium and Alloys Laboratory

Electrolytic Oxidation Laboratory

Residual Voltage Measurement Laboratory

Dynamic Gas Spraying Laboratory


Plasma Laboratory

Corrosion Laboratory